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“Legal Videography”

Don’t Go To Court Without It!

Gayle Marquette, Ph.D., CSCV, CLVI


The old saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words” is more truth than poetry.  The juries that are presented with properly prepared video evidence will stay alert and will remember far more information than those who simply hear the words without having the advantage of the corresponding visual aid that should have accompanied it.

Videography to the legal professional is like a copy machine to a busy office.  The legal profession has arrived at the point where it cannot successfully survive without it.  With the courts continuing to be backed up with civil cases from six to sixty months across the nation, the courts are looking for every technique possible that will speed the litigating process.


Tremendous savings of time and expense are made possible by video.  The attorney should never think of video as an added expense but rather as a cost saving investment by the use of modern technology.  The video recording of expert witnesses explaining to the jury the extent of a person’s personal injuries and what the victim had to go through to try to reclaim normal use of their faculties has proven far more effective than having the plaintiff trying to tell the story themselves on the witness stand.

The same equipment that is used to project the attorney’s PowerPoint outline during the trial can also be used to project video evidence for all to see.  We find many attorneys are now using their PowerPoint presentations and video evidence during opening statements, during the body of the trial and during the closing statements reinforcing important facts in the minds of the jurors.


The properly trained professional certified legal videographer understands the “disinterested third party” role that they must play when taking testimony during a deposition.  At the same time, they also realize that they can become a “vital member of the litigating team” when producing the remaining video documentaries and visual evidence that will be used prior to or during a trial.  When contracting with a professional legal videographer, the attorney needs to seek out a person that is fully qualified in all aspects of legal videography, not one that can simply operate their audio/video equipment.

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